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    Struggling to forge ahead four years of Spring and Autumn Hospital development new chapter-Wendeng District Maternal and Child Health Hospital successfully passed the second review

    From November 19th to 20th, under the leadership of Gao Zhenzhong, President of Weifang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, [ ... ]

    Our hospital won the honorary title of "Most Popular Case" [2019-12-19]
    Revisit party vows, keep in mind the original mission [2019-10-28]
    Eleven hymns celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland! [2019-10-01]
    The theme of our hospital is "Don't forget the mission and remember the mission" [2019-09-30]
    Not forgetting the original heart [2019-06-30]
    Struggling for the Fourth Year of Spring and Autumn Hospital [2018-11-23]
    Zhang Chuanzhi [2017-07-20]
    Medical Promotion Committee, Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine " [2017-07-20]
    Maternal and Child Health Hospital Outpatient Information [2018-11-15]
    Hospital address: 2 Tonghe Road, Wendeng District
    Traffic restrictions on surrounding roads: None
    Nearby parking lot: Hospital parking lot, Civic Cultural Center parking lot, Wendengxue Park parking lot
    Bus routes: No. 4 and No. 10 buses
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    Weihai Wendeng District Maternal and Child Health Hospital was founded in 1953. In 2007, the brand of Wendeng District Women and Children's Hospital was added. It is a medical and health care institution that integrates marriage, pregnancy, maternity, and children. It is a designated unit for pre-marital health examination and delivery in our district. It is a technical guidance and training center for maternal and child health care in the district. It is nationally assessed ... + More
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    Department Introduction
    Gynecological Ward
    Maternity ward
    Obstetrics and gynecology clinic
    Family delivery room
    Infertility clinic
    Internal medicine
    hospital environment Sophisticated equipment
    Policies and regulations
    About the development of Changchun Changsheng company rabies
    Health of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps ... [Details >>]
    About carrying out rabies vaccine in Changchun Changsheng Company [2018-08-08]
    Nine inaccuracies in medical and health practices [2019-10-24]
    What is the code of medical ethics for medical personnel? [2019-10-01]
    Weirenshefa (2018) No. 56 on Printing and Distributing [2019-05-08]
    Science and Education Zone
    Standardize the management of pregnant women's schools to improve pregnancy
    How to conceive a healthy and smart baby? Maternity school is a ...
    Early prevention of birth defects, healthy China action [2019-09-30]
    Futang Children's Medical Development Research Center [2019-08-30]
    Academic Lecture on New Progress in TCM Diagnosis and Treatment Successfully Held [2019-08-30]
    Caring for post-abortion care (PAC) projects [2019-07-31]
    Open party affairs
    The first half of the work concluded successfully
    In order to further do a good job in our hospital, [ ... >>]
    October 2019 Events [2019-11-18]
    Financial Information Disclosure [2019-10-24]
    Financial Information Disclosure [2019-10-24]
    September 2019 Events [2019-10-24]
    Early Learning World
    Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake fragrance
    The 15th day of the lunar calendar is the Mid-Autumn Festival. In ancient times, Chinese girls used to worship the moon, [ ... >>]
    Early Education Center launches "Mom I Love You" Mother's Day [2019-10-24]
    Teachers' Warm Heart, Parents Give Pennants Thanksgiving [2019-07-31]
    Early Childhood Education Center held "Children's Day Carnival" [2019-06-30]
    Micro-bonsai production, add color to life [2019-04-30]
    health education
    Health education lectures into kindergartens
    In order to implement the "Administrative Measures for the Nursery School Kindergarten Health Care ... [Details >>]
    Oral health [2019-10-24]
    Love Eyes Day [2019-10-24]
    Our hospital launches a series of breastfeeding week activities [2019-08-30]
    Our hospital launched a free clinic for children's “short stature” [2019-07-31]
    Spiritual civilization building column
    Risk prevention and safety welcome Daqing
    In order to ensure the safety and stability of the social environment during the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China ...
    Healthy poverty alleviation sent warm volunteer clinics to show love [2019-10-25]
    Risk prevention and safety welcome Daqing [2019-09-30]
    Hi Yuan conceives a dream and is grateful to a good doctor [2019-10-24]
    Participate in quality control circle training activities to continuously improve medical care [2019-10-24]
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