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    我院喜获“最具人气案例”荣誉称号 [Hospital News] Our hospital won the honorary title of "Most Popular Case" 2019-12-19
    重温入党誓词牢记初心使命 [Hospital News] Revisit the party's oath and keep in mind the mission 2019-10-28
    十一首赞歌献礼祖国70周年华诞! [Hospital News] Eleven hymns celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland! 2019-10-01
    我院“不忘初心牢记使命”主题教育全面启动 [Hospital News] The theme education of our hospital "Don't forget the beginning and keep the mission in mind" is fully launched 2019-09-30
    不忘初心砥砺前行 [Hospital News] Do n't forget the original intention 2019-06-30
    砥砺奋进四载春秋医院发展再谱新篇——文登区妇幼保健院顺利通过二甲复审 [Hospital News] A new chapter in the development of the Spring and Autumn Hospital in the four years of endeavor——Mengdeng Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Wendeng District successfully passed the second review 2018-11-23
    温暖的爱心早餐 [Hospital News] Warm love breakfast 2019-12-19
    文登区妇女儿童医院“不忘初心牢记使命”主题教育不断走向深入 [Hospital News] Wendeng District Women's and Children's Hospital's theme education of “Don't forget the beginning and keep the mission in mind” keeps going deep 2019-11-30
    我院行政科室搬迁工作顺利完成 [Hospital News] The relocation of the administrative department of our hospital was successfully completed 2019-11-18
    我院举办2019年威海市儿科新进展学术讲座 [Hospital News] Our hospital holds 2019 academic lectures on new progress in pediatrics in Weihai 2019-10-22
    我院产科病房搬新家啦! [Hospital News] Our obstetric ward has moved to a new home! 2019-10-16
    区委书记张宏璞到我院调研指导工作 [Hospital News] Zhang Hongyu, Secretary of the District Committee, visited our hospital for investigation and guidance 2019-08-31
    我院举办第二届中国医师节庆祝大会 [Hospital News] Our hospital held the 2nd Chinese Physician's Day Celebration Conference 2019-08-30
    我院在孕前优生健康检查项目临床检验质量督导中获满分 [Hospital News] Our hospital won a perfect score in the quality control of clinical tests of prenatal pregnancy 2019-07-30
    再获佳绩! [Hospital News] Achievements again! Wendeng District won the first place in the county's major public health maternal and child projects counties! 2019-07-22

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