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    口腔健康全身健康 [Health education] Oral health 2019-10-24
    爱眼日送爱心 [Health Education] Love Eyes Send Love 2019-10-24
    我院开展母乳喂养周系列活动 [Health education] Our hospital launched a series of breastfeeding week activities 2019-08-30
    我院开展儿童“矮身材”义诊活动 [Health Education] Our hospital launched a free clinic for children's "short body" 2019-07-31
    我院开展准爸爸训练营活动 [Health Education] Our College Launches Pro-Dad Training Camp 2019-06-30
    我院开展世界手卫生日宣传活动 [Health education] Our hospital launched a publicity event for World Hand Hygiene Day 2019-06-27
    开展应急救护培训为生命健康护航 [Health education] Carry out first aid training to escort life and health 2019-04-30
    “妇幼萌宝”评选活动圆满收官 [Health Education] "Mom and Child Mengbao" Contest Completed Successfully 2019-02-28
    我院儿保科开展口腔健康知识培训 [Health Education] Oral Health Knowledge Training in Pediatric Department of Our Hospital 2018-09-27
    乳腺癌防治要趁早七招预防乳腺癌 [Health education] Seven measures to prevent breast cancer as early as possible 2018-09-06
    产后42天为什么要做盆底检查? [Health education] Why do you have a pelvic floor check 42 days after giving birth? 2018-08-17
    夏季警惕疱疹性咽峡炎 [Health Education] Summer vigilant herpes angina 2018-08-01
    如何让孩子远离手足口 [Health education] How to keep children away from hands, feet and mouth 2018-07-16
    产后常见疾病有哪些? [Health education] What are the common postpartum diseases? 2018-06-21
    平时怎样清理宝宝耳屎呢? [Health education] How to clean up baby earwax usually? 2018-05-03

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