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    健康扶贫送温暖义诊进村献爱心 [Spiritual Civilization Construction Column] Health and Poverty Alleviation 2019-10-25
    防风险保安全迎大庆 [Column of Spiritual Civilization Construction] Preventing Risks and Guaranteeing Safety to Welcome Daqing 2019-09-30
    喜圆孕育梦感恩好医生 [Spiritual Civilization Construction Column] Xiyuan bred dreams and thanked good doctors 2019-10-24
    参加品管圈培训活动持续提升医疗护理质量 [Column of spiritual civilization construction] Participate in quality control circle training activities to continuously improve the quality of medical care 2019-10-24
    护士赞歌 [Column of spiritual civilization construction] Nurses praise 2019-10-24
    排除隐患保障安全 [Column of spiritual civilization construction] Eliminating hidden dangers and ensuring safety 2019-10-24
    优质服务暖人心患者感动送表扬 [Spiritual Civilization Construction Column] High-quality service warms patients and gives praise 2019-08-30
    入园查体紧锣密鼓统筹安排有序推进 [Spiritual Civilization Construction Column] Admissions to the park for examination and inspection are intensively coordinated and arranged in an orderly manner. 2019-08-30
    我院开展百个支部援基层义诊活动 [Column of Spiritual Civilization Construction] Our hospital launched a free clinic for 100 grassroots branches 2019-07-31
    文登区2019年儿童死亡评审会在我院召开 [Spiritual Civilization Construction Column] 2019 Wendeng District Child Death Review Meeting Held in Our Hospital 2019-07-30
    我院开展消防安全演练 [Column of spiritual civilization construction] Our hospital conducts fire safety drills 2019-06-30
    中医中药齐鲁行真情义诊暖人心 [Spiritual Civilization Construction Column] Qiluxing Traditional Chinese Medicine 2019-06-30
    我院举办“孕期检查的重要性”公益讲座 [Column of Spiritual Civilization Construction] Our hospital holds a public welfare lecture on the "importance of pregnancy inspection" 2019-06-27
    选择护士我们无比骄傲 [Column of spiritual civilization construction] We are extremely proud of choosing a nurse 2019-05-30
    幼儿在园查体工作有序推进 [Column of spiritual civilization construction] Orderly advancement of children's physical examination in the garden 2019-04-30

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