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    Sanitation and health work policy: Focus on people's health, adhere to the grassroots as the focus, take reform and innovation as the driving force, and give priority to prevention. Both Chinese and Western medicine should be emphasized, and health should be integrated into all policies. People build and share together.

    Hospital functional tasks: based on medical care, health care as the center, and the purpose of protecting reproductive health, combining clinical and health care, clinical belt health care, health promotion of clinical care, traditional Chinese and western medicine, focusing on grassroots, group-oriented, prevention-oriented.

    Hospital Mission: Serving Health, Health Services

    Hospital vision: the first-class county-level Maternal and Child Health Hospital in the province that women and children yearn for most

    Hospital Objective (Mission): To provide society with the most projects, best services, best quality, best efficiency, and highest evaluation of women and children's health care services.

    Hospital culture: Hospital culture centered on family culture. The small family is our family, everyone is our hospital, and the country is our China. All women and children care for the small family, build everyone, and contribute to the country!

    The core cultural philosophy of the hospital: positive, peaceful and new.

    Hospital values: quality = life, patient = relatives, colleagues = family

    Guiding ideology of maternal and child health work: Guided by Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thinking of the three representatives, and the scientific outlook on development, comprehensively implement relevant laws and regulations such as the "two laws and two outlines", deepen reforms, serve sincerely, innovate and develop, achieve motherhood safety, and give children priority , Maternal and child health.

    Maternal and child health policy: health care as the center, reproductive health as the purpose, adhere to the combination of health care and clinical, group-oriented, grass-roots and prevention-oriented.

    Hospital culture construction strategy: emphasis on character, quality improvement , and brand building

    Brand development strategy: technology brand, service brand, reputation brand

    Hospital work requires 20 words:

    Ascension of energy, energy and spirit

    Adhere to law, reason, and emotion

    Unified responsibility, power and profit

    Pursuit of number, quality and efficiency

    Hospital Training: Sincere Care, Innovation and Excellence

    Management Philosophy: Standardization of management, moving service, complementary cooperation, sustainable innovation, scientific development

    Spirit of the health industry: sincerity, innovation, kindness, and virtue

    Health industry goals: good service, good quality, good medical ethics, and public satisfaction

    Hospital Party member cadre cultural construction work focus:

    Three strict: strict self-cultivation, strict use of power, strict self-discipline

    Three facts: Be practical, be entrepreneurial, be realistic