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Struggling to forge ahead four years of Spring and Autumn Hospital development new chapter-Wendeng District Maternal and Child Health Hospital successfully passed the second review
Release time: 2018-11-23

From November 19th to 20th, under the leadership of Gao Zhenzhong, Dean of Weifang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Niuting Ting, Director of the Child Care Center of Shandong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Yu Chuanting, Director of Special Inspection Department of Yantaishan Hospital, and Director of Neonatal Department of Qilu Children's Hospital Li Xiaoying and other 9 experts formed a rating review team to conduct a two-day second-level review of our hospital. At the on-site feedback meeting held on the afternoon of the 20th, the expert team leader solemnly announced: "The Wendeng District Maternal and Child Health Hospital passed the on-site review of the second-class review!"

On the morning of November 19, Weihai City Health and Family Planning Commission organized a review report meeting for the second class of the Wendeng District Maternal and Child Health Hospital. 文登区 副区长孟艳玲、区卫计局局长徐琳以及相关领导出席了会议。 Wang Yuehai, deputy investigator of the Weihai City Health and Family Planning Commission, Meng Yanling, deputy mayor of Wendeng District , Xu Lin, director of the District Health and Family Planning Bureau, and related leaders attended the meeting. Chief Ma Guizhen chaired the meeting. Deputy District Mayor Meng Yanling delivered a speech on behalf of the district government. 院长 从医院的基本情况、二甲复审准备工作、改革管服务等方面重点汇报了医院近年来标准化、规范化、精细化、专业化工作成效。 The director of our hospital reported the results of the hospital's standardization, standardization, refinement, and professionalization in recent years from the basic situation of the hospital, preparations for the review of the second-class A, and reform management services. 表示 ,我院 将这次复审工作视为对全面检验医院综合实力和提升妇幼保健能力的一次重要机遇 ,我院全体职工 将积极参与、坦诚相待,全力配合专家组的评审工作。 Dean Yu said that our hospital regards this review as an important opportunity to comprehensively test the hospital's comprehensive strength and improve the ability of women and children's health care . All staff of our hospital will actively participate and treat each other frankly, and fully cooperate with the review work of the expert group.

11月19号、20号2天时间里,行政后勤、医务组、医技组、护理感染组、医疗组、保健组6个复审专业组,按照《二级妇幼保健院评审标准和实施细则》要求,通过查阅资料、现场查看、访谈、提问、抽查病历等方式方法,对医院“质量、安全、服务、管理、绩效”进行了全方位、多角度、深层次的检查。 During the two days of November 19th and 20th, the administrative logistics, medical service group, medical technology group, nursing infection group, medical group, and health care group reviewed six professional groups, in accordance with the "Second Maternal and Child Health Hospital Evaluation Standards and Implementation Rules" 》 Required to conduct a comprehensive, multi-angle, and in-depth inspection of the hospital's "quality, safety, service, management, and performance" through methods such as data review, site inspection, interviews, questions, and random check of medical records.

院七楼召开二甲复审工作反馈会议,威海市卫计委副调研员王月海、副区长孟艳玲、基妇科科长马桂珍、卫计局局长徐琳等领导及我院医务人员现场听取了评审专家组的反馈。 On the afternoon of November 20, Weihai City Health and Family Planning Commission held a second-class review review meeting on the seventh floor of our hospital. Wang Yuehai, deputy investigator of Weihai City Health and Family Planning Commission, Meng Yanling, deputy district chief, Ma Guizhen, chief of gynecology department, and Xu, director of the Health and Family Planning Bureau The leaders such as Lin and the medical staff of our hospital listened to the feedback from the expert review team.

The review experts gave high evaluation and full affirmation of the highlights of our standardization construction work in turn, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on some issues and deficiencies. 院在医疗质量、学科建设、优质服务、内涵管理等方面取得的成绩。 Dean Gao Zhenzhong, the leader of the expert group, spoke highly of our hospital's achievements in medical quality, discipline construction, quality service, and connotative management. 我院 保健事业贡献更大的力量! I hope to make persistent efforts in the future, quit arrogance and irritability, create greater performance, and contribute more strength to our hospital's health cause! In the end, President Gao announced that the Wendeng District Maternal and Child Health Hospital passed the second-level review site review.

院长 作表态发言 Subsequently, President Yu made a statement . First of all, on behalf of the staff of the hospital, he expressed his high respect and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and experts for working day and night. He said that the review was not only a comprehensive medical examination of all the work in our hospital, but also a rare and sophisticated guidance. This review is not the end, but a new starting point. In the future, according to the requirements of leaders and experts, the hospitals will work together, work together, overcome difficulties, pioneer and innovate, and achieve sound and rapid development of the hospital, which will effectively protect the physical and mental health of women and children.

In the end, Ma Guizhen, chief of the department of gynecology, Weihai City Health and Family Planning Commission made a summary. 文登区妇幼保健院 聚焦问题,锐意进取,围绕一个中心、两个基本点、三个目标、四个原则的发展思路,着力推动医院标准化建设、精细化管理和规范化发展,各项工作都上 一个新的台阶 She emphasized that in the past four years, the Wendeng District Maternal and Child Health Hospital has focused on the problem, forged ahead, and focused on the development of a center, two basic points, three goals, and four principles to promote standardization of hospitals, refined management and standardized development. All work has reached a new level . 院以本次二甲复审为契机,进一步加强规范化管理和标准化建设,突出专业、专科特色优势,加快保健与临床融合,将标准化建设和规范化管理成为人人自觉遵守的一项制度,形成日常性、常态化,真正达到以评促建、以评促改、评建并举、重在内涵的目的。 It is hoped that our hospital will take this second-class review as an opportunity to further strengthen standardized management and standardization construction, highlight the advantages of specialties and specialties, accelerate the integration of health care and clinical practice, and make standardization construction and standardized management a system that everyone consciously observes and form Routineness and normalization, truly achieve the purpose of promoting construction with evaluation, promoting reform with evaluation, evaluating construction and focusing on connotation.