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Not forgetting the original heart
Release time: 2019-06-30

的统一安排部署 ,经区卫健局 机关 党委的批准,我院 6 4 成立中共威海市文登区妇女儿童医院总支部委员会, 下设两个支部委员会,并于 6 13 召开 总支部 第一次全体党员大会,选举产生了第一届总支部委员会。 According to the unified arrangement of the District Party Committee and the District Discipline Inspection Committee, with the approval of the Party Committee of the District Health and Health Bureau , our hospital set up the General Branch Committee of the Women's and Children's Hospital of Wendeng District , Weihai, the Communist Party of China on June 4th . There are two branch committees, and On June 13 , the first general party conference of the general branch was held, and the first general branch committee was elected.

50 人,我院已经达到 83 人, 为此,经卫健 机关 党委的批准,我院成立中共威海市文登区妇女儿童医院总支部委员会,下设两个支部委员会,分别是第一支部委员会和第二支部委员会。 According to the spirit of the "Work Regulations of the Communist Party of China Branch" and related documents, the party members of the branch must not exceed 50 , and our hospital has reached 83. To this end, with the approval of the Party Committee of the Health and Medical Bureau , our hospital established the Women's and Children's Hospital of Wendeng District, Weihai City The General Branch Committee consists of two branch committees, namely the first branch committee and the second branch committee. The first branch is mainly composed of incumbent party members, and the second party branch is mainly composed of retired and soon to retire party members. 7 名,总支部书记 1 人,第一支部和第二支部各设委员 3 人,书记各 1 人。 There are 7 members in the general branch, 1 secretary in the general branch , 3 members in each of the first and second branches , and 1 secretary each .

13 日下午,经区卫健局 机关 党委的批准,中共 威海 文登区妇女儿童医院 党支部在 八楼党建室 召开党总 支第一次全体党员大会 ,由于德强同志主持会议。 On the afternoon of June 13 , with the approval of the Party Committee of the District Health and Health Bureau , the Party Branch of the Women's and Children's Hospital of Wendeng District , Weihai City of the Communist Party of China held the first general assembly of the Party branch in the Party Building Room on the eighth floor . 于德强 张天华 解英臻 吕静 于海莉 谢长青 梁立超 7 名同志为党总支部第一届委员会委员 选举解英臻、丛萍、孙永杰 为第一党支部第一届委员会委员;选举吴淑华、王辉、丛大伟为第二党支部第一届委员会委员。 The meeting elected Yu Deqiang , Zhang Tianhua , Xie Yingzhen , Lu Jing , Yu Haili , Xie Changqing , and Liang Lichao as members of the First Committee of the General Party Branch by secret ballot ; Xie Yingzhen, Cong Ping, and Sun Yongjie were elected as the first party branch members . Committee members; elected Wu Shuhua, Wang Hui and Cong Dawei as members of the first committee of the Second Party Branch.

After the meeting, the general branch committee and branch committee held separate committee meetings to elect the general branch secretary and branch secretary. According to the election results, the general branch secretary was Comrade Yu Deqiang, the first branch secretary was Comrade Xie Yingzhen, and the second branch secretary was Comrade Wu Shuhua.

使 我院的党组织架构更加完善,为下一步积极发挥基层党组织的战斗堡垒作用和党员先锋模范作用,团结和带领全 院职工 投身 医疗卫生事业 ,奠定了更加坚实 组织基础。 The establishment of the General Party Branch has improved the Party's organizational structure in our hospital . It has laid a solid foundation for the next step to actively play the role of grassroots party organizations in fighting fortresses and party members' pioneering role models, and unite and lead the entire staff in the medical and health undertakings . Organizational foundation. 紧紧围绕在党总支的周围,坚持党性,增强使命感,不断统一思想、提高认识、明确目标、狠抓落实,充分发挥党员的先锋模范作用。 In the future, the majority of party members and cadres will closely surround the general party branch, adhere to the party spirit, enhance their sense of mission, continue to unify their thinking, raise awareness, clarify goals, and pay close attention to implementation, and give full play to the role of party members as pioneers and models.