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    Carry out post-abortion care (PAC) project to protect the health of aborted women
    Release time: 2019-07-31

    "You are a tree-by-tree blossom, you are whispering in the beam, you are love, warm, hope, you are the April sky on earth!" In Lin Huiyin's poem, the beautiful warmth always blooms inadvertently . In fact, every woman is not the April day on earth, because they are the warmth and hope of every complete family. Whether they are women, wives, or mothers, they have illuminated the bright lights of each family with their own beauty. .

    困扰着她们 ,同时因不当的避孕措施、错误观念等原因,流产及反复流产对女性身心健康造成了严重危害。 However, there are always accidents in life. When accidental pregnancy strikes, some women will be troubled by feelings of confusion, panic, helplessness, etc. due to inadequate cognition . At the same time, miscarriages and recurrences will occur due to improper contraceptive measures and misconceptions. Abortion has caused serious harm to women's physical and mental health. 女性 生理和心理形成的损伤不容无视,对女性施行流产后关爱尤为必要。 Induced abortion can not ignore the physical and psychological formation of women, and it is especially necessary to care for women after abortion. (PAC 项目 如同 一束阳光,精心呵护着流产女性身心健 康, 为她们撑起了一片蓝 天。 In this environment, the Post-Abortion Care (PAC ) project is like a beam of sunlight, which carefully cares for the physical and mental health of aborted women , and supports them with a blue sky .

    (PAC)于2011年由中国妇女发展基金会、中华医学会计划生育学分会及国家人口计生委科学技术研究所等共同发起 旨在通过在全国范围内推广 PAC优质服务示范关爱门诊,为流产后女性提供咨询服务、促进落实避孕措施、保护流产后女性的生殖健康等工作,提供系统的标准化服务模 The Post-Abortion Care and Charity Project (PAC) was co-sponsored by the China Women's Development Foundation, the Chinese Medical Association's Family Planning Branch, and the National Institute of Population and Family Planning Science and Technology in 2011 . Caring clinics provide counseling services for women after abortion, promote the implementation of contraceptive measures, and protect women's reproductive health after abortion, and provide a systematic standardized service model . 201 8 4 月, 我院 综合 病房积极 开展 “流产后关爱(PAC)”服务工作, 并于 2018 11月顺利通过初审, 该项目不仅为意外怀孕女性提供身体上的帮助,更为其解决心理困惑,给予她们专业的指导和温馨的呵护。 In order to reduce damage and protect female fertility , in April 2008, the general ward of our hospital actively carried out "PAC" services and passed the preliminary examination in November 2018. This project not only provides women with accidental pregnancy The physical help is more to solve the psychological confusion and give them professional guidance and warm care. (PAC)主要是通 过一 对一咨询和集体宣教,不仅为前来接受终 止妊娠手 术的女性宣传避孕失败的原因 避孕方法、流产手术前后的注意事项,以及 术后的营养、康复修养等事项,而且还会在女性终止妊娠后 1个月、3个月、6个月、12个月等多个时间段对其电话跟踪随访,为其制订个性化的避孕指导,避免重复流产的发生。 Post-abortion care (PAC) is mainly through one-on-one counseling and group education. It not only promotes the reasons for contraceptive failure , contraceptive methods, precautions before or after abortion, and postoperative Nutrition, rehabilitation, etc., and women will follow-up and follow-up their phone calls at various time periods such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months after termination of pregnancy, and develop personalized contraceptive guidance for them, Avoid repeated miscarriages.

    10名 In order to better serve the majority of women, the medical staff of the general ward have obtained 10 junior consultant qualifications through continuous learning . 2019 11月的复审 为女性生殖健康 ,她们勇往无前! For the review in November 2019 , for women's reproductive health , they are going forward!