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Academic Lecture on New Progress in TCM Diagnosis and Treatment Successfully Held
Release time: 2019-08-30

8 3 日上午,由 院主办的威海市文登区中医诊治新进展学术讲座在卫生大厦八楼会议室成功举办,邀请中国中医科学院望京医院李方洁教授、山东中医药大学附属医院陶凯教授、威海中医院解乐业院长、 我院中医科 谢长青主任等重量级专家授课。 In order to further strengthen the construction of TCM culture, promote the healthy and sustainable development of TCM work, and improve the level of TCM diagnosis and treatment, on the morning of August 3 , the academic lecture on the new progress of TCM diagnosis and treatment in Wendeng District, Weihai City, hosted by our hospital, was held on the eighth floor of the Health Conference The room was successfully held. Professor Li Fangjie from Wangjing Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Professor Tao Kai from Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dean of Xie Leye of Weihai Chinese Hospital, and Director Xie Changqing of TCM of our hospital were invited to give lectures. 院院长于德强主持会议,区卫健局党组成员姚黎光出席会议并致辞,来自威海市各医疗战线从事中医诊疗工作的医务人员参加了会议。 Yu Deqiang, the president of our hospital, presided over the meeting. Yao Liguang, a member of the party group of the District Health and Health Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Medical personnel from various medical fronts in Weihai who were engaged in TCM diagnosis and treatment attended the meeting.

At the opening ceremony, Comrade Yao Liguang extended a warm welcome to the experts and medical colleagues from afar and wished the academic conference a successful conclusion. I hope that the participants can learn from it and make unremitting efforts for the progress of the Chinese medicine cause in Wendeng District.

At the meeting, experts and professors made in-depth explanations on clinical application, dialectical thinking, and evaluation and analysis of TCM lung disease refractory diseases, and proposed the dialectical treatment of TCM. The content of the lecture is closely related to the latest progress in modern medicine. Contact, explain in simple language, vivid image. The rich clinical experience and diagnosis and treatment methods attracted the participants. Everyone expressed that they had a deeper understanding of TCM diagnosis and treatment through lectures, and also had new expectations for the development of TCM work.