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    Weitang Children's Medical Development Research Center "Touring Group" Weihai Wendeng Station Training Class Held in Our Hospital
    Release time: 2019-08-30

    郑州大学副教授,医学博士、主任医师、早产儿 ICU 主任孙慧清 进行专题授课。 On August 31, the "Taiwan Children's Medical Development Research Center Expert Tour Group" Weihai Wendeng Station training class was held in our hospital. This tour was conducted with the full support of Qitang Children's Hospital, a member of the Futang Center. Sun Huiqing , associate professor of Zhengzhou University, doctor of medicine, chief physician, and director of ICU for premature babies , gave special lectures. Dean Yu Deqiang of our hospital attended the meeting and gave a speech. Ju Yinghua, Minister of Child Health, chaired the meeting. 60余人参加了培训。 More than 60 people from pediatrics, neonatal, and child health majors from medical institutions in the region participated in the training.

    孙慧清 主任医师就 “早产儿呼吸支持的肺保护策略及早产儿出院后保健管理”进行了授课。 In this training, the chief physician of the National Newborn Specialist Sun Huiqing gave a lecture on "Lung protection strategies for respiratory support in preterm infants and post-hospital health care management". After the meeting, the participants had in-depth discussions and exchanges with the lecture experts on the problems encountered during the clinical practice.

    On the same day, Professor Sun participated in the rounds of inpatients in the neonatal intensive care unit of our hospital, performed a detailed physical examination of the children, listened to the medical report of the neonatal doctor and consulted the medical records, and gave serious guidance to the problems in the process of diagnosis and treatment. And brought domestic and even international advanced concepts and treatment programs. Through the explanations by experts, medical personnel have a deeper understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and difficult diseases.

    1800余家基层医疗机构的儿科分级诊疗网络体系,一直致力于建设“中国儿童医疗健康”服务平台。 Futang Children's Medical Development Research Center, formerly known as Beijing Children's Hospital Group, covers the pediatric hierarchical diagnosis and treatment network system of more than 1,800 primary medical institutions across the country , and has been committed to building a "Chinese children's medical health" service platform. This training is of great significance to improve the professional level of pediatrics, neonatal and child health departments in our district and promote the professional competence of medical staff. In the future, our hospital will continue to strengthen the ties with Qilu Children's Medical Group, so that this work will continue to be carried out, and the professional capabilities of medical staff will be continuously improved.