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Early prevention of birth defects, healthy China action
Release time: 2019-09-30

12 日是预防出生缺陷日。 September 12th is the day to prevent birth defects. 出生缺陷早预防,健康中国我行动 ,旨在动员全社会聚焦出生缺陷防治,强化个人是健康第一责任人的理念,倡导符合生育政策、有生育计划的夫妻主动参加孕前优生检查,积极预防出生缺陷,营造全社会各尽其责、共同参与、共建共享健康妇幼的良好氛围! The theme of this year's publicity campaign is " Early prevention of birth defects, Healthy China Action " , which aims to mobilize the entire society to focus on the prevention of birth defects, strengthen the concept that individuals are the first persons responsible for health, and promote the initiative of couples who are in line with fertility policies and have a birth plan Participate in pre-pregnancy checkups, actively prevent birth defects, and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to do its part, participate together, and build healthy women and children! 院开展预防出生缺陷日 系列 宣传活动。 To support this theme day, our hospital launched a series of publicity activities on the prevention of birth defects day .

免费 咨询,宣传婚前医学检查、孕前增补叶酸、孕期保健、新生儿疾病筛查的重要意义以及免费婚检、叶酸增补等相关政策和惠民措施 During the event, medical staff provided free consultation to the masses , publicized the significance of pre-marital medical examinations, supplemental folic acid supplementation during pregnancy, health care during pregnancy, and screening for newborn diseases, as well as related policies and benefits to people such as free marriage check-ups and folic acid supplementation . 发放增补叶酸预防神经管畸形 婚前保健手册 孕妇健康手册 健康育儿手册 母婴健康素养 55 等相关宣教资料 2 00 余份 鼓励群众积极做好婚孕前检查、胚胎阶段检测,避免先天缺陷儿的出生和复发性流产,为健康新生保驾护航。 At the same time, more than 200 copies of related educational materials, such as " supplementing folic acid to prevent neural tube defects " , " pre-marital health care manual " and " pregnancy health manual " , " health care parenting manual " , " maternal and child health literacy 55 " and other related educational materials were encouraged to encourage the public Do a good job of pre-marital and pregnancy examinations and embryonic tests to avoid births and recurrent miscarriages of children with birth defects and escort healthy new students.

This activity further publicized and popularized the knowledge of birth defect prevention, mobilized the whole society to pay more attention to and support birth defect prevention work, and created a good atmosphere to prevent birth defects. The medical staff of our hospital will also shoulder the mission, not forgetting their original intentions, do a good job of life-cycle health management, and build a best line of defense for newborns against birth defects!