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    Infertility clinic
    Release time: 2015-10-30

    Scope of diagnosis and treatment

    Carry out routine diagnosis and treatment of female infertility, female infertility, and male infertility, and related female reproductive endocrine diseases and pelvic inflammatory diseases.


    Combined traditional Chinese and western medicine for endocrine diseases such as tubal obstruction, infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc., with obvious results; hysteroscopic laparoscopic guidewire intervention for proximal tubal obstruction; block antibody immunotherapy for recurrent abortion with high success ; Male semen dynamics and morphological analysis are the detection results of the frontier in Wendeng area.

    Routine diagnosis and treatment

    Fallopian tube angiography, hysteroscopy, laparoscopic guidewire interventional procedure, laparoscopic falloplasty, laparoscopic fallopian tube guideline intervention, fallopianostomy, plastic surgery, pelvic adhesion release, cervical cerclage Such as female infertility surgery, transovarian follicular monitoring, ovulation promotion treatment, inflammation physical therapy, Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment, recurrent abortion immunotherapy.

    Professional team

    There are 5 medical staff in the infertility department, including 2 experienced doctors with senior professional titles, 1 postgraduate graduate student of infertility, and undertook the famous reproductive experts of Shandong Province, Lian Fang and Professor Sun Wei. Infertility patients provide advanced and professional diagnosis and treatment.

    Consultation Tel: 3587229

    ※ Service concept: Chinese and Western together to achieve a healthy baby dream