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    Child Health Division
    Release time: 2015-10-30

    ★ Routine work

    It mainly conducts child health check-ups, child nutrition and feeding guidance, and birth medical certificate processing.

    ★ Cutting-edge services:

    0-6 years old is a critical period for children's growth, which affects their health quality and behavior habits. Our hospital introduces the domestic advanced "06 Growth Exchange" management platform to provide follow-up guidance for family scientific parenting. Parents can use mobile phones to keep abreast of the baby's parenting guidance in real time, track the child's physical development, mental development, diet nutrition, illness, etc., and solve problems with online consultation and interaction with experts to help young parents be more comprehensive Take care of the baby.

    ★ Featured health items:

    ◇ Bone deficiency is not lack of calcium, ultrasound bone density meter tells you.

    ◇ Infants and toddlers swim, strengthen immunity, and enlighten vitality.

    ◇ Fluorinated foam prevents dental caries and gives your baby a healthy bite.

    ◇ Imported vision screening instrument to accurately detect children's vision.

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    ★ Service concept: First-class service