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    Family delivery room
    Release time: 2015-10-30

    ★ Diagnosis and Treatment Features :

    VIP delivery room provides “one-on-one” escort, monitoring and midwifery for pregnant women and fetuses. 止痛、丈夫陪产等全方 Painless childbirth, labor analgesia, Dolo analgesia, husband's paternity, etc.

    量身定制 适合的个性分娩方式,提供温馨、舒适、方便的家庭化生育服务。 Service , tailor-made and suitable individual delivery methods, and provide warm, comfortable and convenient family-oriented fertility services.

    优势 ★ Professional advantages :

    Humanized service model integrating delivery, delivery and postpartum rehabilitation. The delivery room and delivery room are combined into one, superior environment, advanced medical equipment, and good medical care.

    科团队,选择无遗憾。 Treatment conditions, excellent obstetric team, choose without regrets.

    咨询电话 3587282 Inquiries : 3587282

    服务理念 亲情化服务快乐 式分娩 Service concept : Family-friendly service and happy delivery