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What is the code of medical ethics for medical personnel?
Release time: 2019-10-01

(1) Rescuing the sick and helping the wounded, practicing socialist humanitarianism, always thinking about the patient, and doing everything possible to relieve the pain of the patient;

(2) Respect the personality and rights of patients, treat patients regardless of nationality, gender, occupation, status, and property status, and treat them equally.

(3) Polite and courteous service. Dignified manners, civilized language, friendly attitude, sympathy, caring and considerate of patients;

(4) Honest and honest. Consciously abide by the law and abide by the law;

(5) Keep medical secrets for patients, implement protective medical treatment, and not disclose patient privacy and secrets;

(6) Learn from each other, respect each other, unite and cooperate. Correctly handle relationships between colleagues:

(7) Rigorous and realistic, forge ahead, study medical skills, and strive for excellence. Constantly update knowledge and improve technical level.