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Health education lectures into kindergartens
Release time: 2015-11-19

In order to implement the "Administrative Measures for Nursery School Kindergarten Health Care", strengthen the nursery school nursery health care work, create a good living environment for collective children, prevent and control infectious diseases, reduce the incidence of common diseases, cultivate healthy living habits, and protect children Health, our children's health department walked into the kindergarten, and brought a lively health education class for teachers and parents.

Spring is here, and some common infectious diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease, chicken pox, mumps, scarlet fever, measles, dysentery and other infectious diseases are beginning to threaten children's health. 13 日,我们走进教育师范幼儿园给家长讲课。 In order to let parents know about these infectious diseases and effectively prevent the invasion of infectious diseases in our lives, on March 13 , we went to the education teacher's kindergarten to give parents lectures. 300 多人,大家听的很认真,有的还专门做了笔记,部分家长还直接使用相机把课件拍下来,课后家长们根据自己孩子的情况提出了不同问题,我们都一一解答,现场气氛热烈,深受家长和老师的欢迎和好评。 There were more than 300 parents attending the class on the day . Everyone listened very carefully, and some took notes. Some parents even used the camera to take pictures of the courseware. After the class, parents raised different questions based on their children's situation. We All of them were answered one by one, and the atmosphere at the scene was warm. It was welcomed and praised by parents and teachers.