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    Love Eyes Day
    Release time: 2019-10-24

    6月6日是第2 4 届全国 “爱眼日”,主题为“ 共同呵护好孩子的眼睛,让他们拥有一个光明的未来 ”。 June 6 this year is the 24th National "Love Eyes Day", with the theme " Taking care of children's eyes together so that they have a bright future ".

    院医务人员通过每年到幼儿园查体调查发现,我区幼儿视力异常发生率在 7.5%左右,儿童眼部屈光不正问题日益突出,弱视发生率率居高不下。 In recent years, medical staff in our hospital have conducted annual physical examinations in kindergartens and found that the incidence of abnormal vision in young children in our district is about 7.5%, the problem of refractive errors in children's eyes has become increasingly prominent, and the incidence of amblyopia has remained high. 院组织儿保专家于 6月 6 日前后深入部分幼儿园,开展普及儿童科学用眼讲座义诊活动。 In order to effectively improve the eye health of children in our district, reduce the abnormal vision of children caused by refractive errors, and promote the overall healthy development of children, our hospital organized childcare experts to go to some kindergartens around June 6 to conduct a popular science eye lecture for children. activity.

    院儿保科组织工作人员通过讲座的形式,结合今年幼儿园查体工作中发现儿童视力异常情况,向广大家长和幼儿园老师主要讲解儿童弱视的危害,视力保健的重要性和 预防弱视的 方法。 In this compulsory activity, the staff of the childcare department of our hospital organized lectures, combined with the abnormal vision of children found during the physical examination of this year's kindergarten, to explain to parents and kindergarten teachers the dangers of amblyopia and the importance of vision care And ways to prevent amblyopia . At the same time, medical staff also provided free vision screening for kindergarten children, popularized scientific eye methods, and performed eye exercises with the children. This love giving activity enabled parents to understand the children's vision protection and attach importance to the prevention and treatment of children's amblyopia.

    3D4D综合康复训练体验一周,对近视发展速度快的孩子进行积极指导,医学验光后佩戴能有效减缓近视度数增长的周边离焦眼镜,对假性近视或远视储备不足的儿童,向家长宣传防控近视的方法。 In order to cooperate with the theme activities of June 6 Love Eyes Day, the Optometry Center of our hospital launched a free comprehensive inspection of vision and visual function for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the district, and free multimedia 3D4D comprehensive rehabilitation training for children with amblyopia and myopia for one week. Actively guide children with rapid development of myopia, wear peripheral defocusing glasses that can effectively slow the growth of myopia after medical optometry, and promote parents to prevent and control myopia for children with pseudo-myopia or hyperopia reserve.

    院将继续关注我区儿童视力健康情况,积极进行健康宣传教育活动,进一步降低儿童弱视的发病率 . In the future, our hospital will continue to pay attention to the visual health of children in our district, and actively carry out health promotion and education activities to further reduce the incidence of amblyopia in children .