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    Our hospital launched a free clinic for children's “short stature”
    Release time: 2019-07-31

    7 20 院儿保科针对 3 岁以上的矮身材及性早熟的儿童,举办矮身材义诊活动,活动邀请威海市妇女儿童医院儿童保健科主任宋晶主任医师坐诊,进行了矮身材的相关知识讲座,并为 20 余名存在矮身材的儿童进行免费的生长发育评估及骨龄测定,在完善相关检查后与家长充分沟通,科学干预身高。 In order to raise the dream of children with short stature, and to arouse the attention of society and families to short stature children, on July 20th , the Pediatrics Department of our hospital organized a short stature free clinic for children over 3 years of age and precocious puberty. Song Jing, the chief of the Department of Child Health of the Women's and Children's Hospital of the City, visited the doctor and gave lectures on short stature. He also provided free growth assessment and bone age determination for more than 20 children with short stature. Full communication and scientific intervention in height. At the same time, it helps more parents pay attention to their children's growth and development, so that their children can grow up healthily.

    通过本次义诊活动, 希望 家长 能更多关注儿童的身高,避免矮身材给孩子带来的种种心理问题和社交障碍,有个快乐的童年,健康自信的迈入青春期 同时也希望帮助家长对孩子的生长发育有正确的认识,引导矮身材儿童合理就医。 Children's short stature is a serious social problem. Through this free clinic, I hope parents can pay more attention to the child's height and avoid the psychological problems and social barriers that short stature brings to their children. Enter adolescence ; also hope to help parents have a correct understanding of their children's growth and development, and guide children with short stature to seek medical treatment reasonably.