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    Our hospital launches a series of breastfeeding week activities
    Release time: 2019-08-30

    8 1 --7 日是第 28 个世界母乳喂养周,今年的主题是“助力父母,成功母乳喂养”,强调以母亲和婴儿为核心,遵循生命最初 1000 天的时间轴,所有支持母乳喂养的医务人员及社会各界,需加强各环节协作,为母婴家庭传递一致信息并提供支持措施,帮助父母实现成功母乳喂养的愿望。 August 1-7 , 2019 is the 28th World Breastfeeding Week. This year's theme is "Helping Parents and Successful Breastfeeding", emphasizing mother and baby as the core and following the timeline of the first 1000 days of life . All Medical staff and all sectors of society who support breastfeeding need to strengthen collaboration in all aspects, deliver consistent messages and support measures to mothers and infants, and help parents realize their desire for successful breastfeeding. 院于 8 1 -7 日开展母乳喂养周宣传活动。 In order to further protect, support and promote breastfeeding and do a better job in the promotion of breastfeeding, our hospital launched a breastfeeding week promotion on August 1-7 .

    我院妇幼 健康工作的一项长期重点任务,本次母乳喂养周宣传活动,以计划怀孕夫妇、孕产妇及哺乳期妇女极其配偶为重点人群,重点宣传母乳喂养的好处,普及母乳喂养知识和技能,帮助树立成功母乳喂养的信心。 Improving the breastfeeding rate has always been a long-term key task for the health work of women and children in our hospital . This breastfeeding week promotion campaign focuses on planning pregnant couples, pregnant women, and lactating women and their spouses as key groups, focusing on the benefits of breastfeeding. Popularize breastfeeding knowledge and skills to help build confidence in successful breastfeeding. 4 日上午, 院组织举办了以 “助力父母,成功母乳喂养”为主题的知识讲座,邀请计划怀孕的夫妇、孕妇、哺乳期妇女极其配偶参与讲座,现场为大家讲解了母乳喂养的好处、促进母乳喂养的方式、喂奶的正确姿势、方法及导乐分娩的相关知识,帮助准妈妈们掌握母乳喂养技巧,建立母乳喂养的信心,营造保护、支持和促进母乳喂养的社会氛围,同时进行现场抽奖活动。 On the morning of August 4 , our hospital organized a knowledge lecture on the theme of “Helping Parents and Successful Breastfeeding”, and invited couples who plan to become pregnant, pregnant women, and lactating women and their spouses to participate in the lecture. Benefits, ways to promote breastfeeding, correct posture and methods of breastfeeding, and relevant knowledge about Dou Deer, help prospective mothers master breastfeeding skills, build confidence in breastfeeding, and create a social atmosphere that protects, supports, and promotes breastfeeding. Conduct on-site sweepstakes. 1 --7 日在 院大厅及门诊 LED 屏播放相关知识,导医台及产科门诊护士对前来就诊的孕产妇及家属 发放 宣传资料,产科病房护士对 住院孕 产妇进行母乳喂养知识宣教 产科门诊医生为前来就诊的孕妇及患者提供免费咨询,收到大家的一致好评。 From August 1st to July 7th , the relevant knowledge will be displayed on the LED screen in the hospital lobby and outpatient clinics. The nurses at the outpatient clinic and obstetric clinics will distribute propaganda materials to the pregnant women and their families who come to the clinic. Knowledge and education , obstetric outpatient doctors provide free consultation for pregnant women and patients who come to the clinic, and have received unanimous praise from everyone. 100% During the event, our hospital also trained breastfeeding knowledge for maternal and child health doctors in the area and conducted examinations on the spot. The passing rate reached 100% .

    院非常重视开展孕产妇知识培训工作,此次母乳喂养周活动不仅彰显了医院的公益性,更体现了对孕产妇的关怀。 Over the years, our hospital has attached great importance to the training of maternal knowledge. This breastfeeding week event not only demonstrated the hospital's public welfare, but also reflected the care of pregnant women. 始终将孕产妇的健康放在工作首位,在开展疾病治理的同时以预防为主,通过保健知识的宣讲,让孕产妇掌握母乳喂养知识及技巧,为妇儿的健康成长保驾护航。 Our hospital always puts the health of pregnant women at the forefront of work. While carrying out disease management, it focuses on prevention. Through the promotion of health knowledge, pregnant women can master the knowledge and skills of breastfeeding and escort the healthy growth of women and children.