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Oral health
Release time: 2019-10-24

20 日是第 三十一 个全国爱牙日,今年的活动主题为 维护口腔健康,提高生命质量 September 20th is the 31st National Love Tooth Day. The theme of this year's event is " Maintain oral health and improve quality of life . " 树立口腔保健的正确意识,养成口腔清洁的好习惯, 爱牙日前夕,我院儿保科医护人员走进幼儿园开展普及口腔保健知识义诊活动。 In order to allow children to establish a correct awareness of oral health and develop a good habit of oral cleaning , on the eve of the day of love for teeth, the medical staff of our hospital's paediatrics department entered the kindergarten to carry out popularized oral health knowledge consultation activities.

5 月份 我院 医务人员 通过 幼儿园健康查体调查发现,我区幼儿龋齿发病率 6 4.9 % In May this year , the medical staff of our hospital found that the incidence of dental caries in children in our district was 6 4.9 % through a kindergarten health examination . 我院 儿保科组织工作人员 主要 通过讲座的形式,向广大家长和幼儿园教师讲解儿童口腔卫生保健相关知识及科学正确刷牙方法。 In this charity event, the staff of the childcare department of our hospital mainly explained the knowledge of children's oral health care and scientific and correct toothbrushing methods to parents and kindergarten teachers through lectures. 家长和老师重视幼儿的牙齿保护,并了解换牙、防止蛀牙的基本知识 让幼儿学会正确刷牙,养成爱护牙齿的良好习惯。 It is hoped that parents and teachers attach great importance to the protection of children's teeth, and understand the basics of changing teeth and preventing tooth decay , so that children can learn to brush their teeth correctly and develop good habits of caring for their teeth.

我院也 将继续关注 区儿童口腔健康情况,积极进行健康宣传教育活动,进一步降低儿童龋齿的发病率。 In the future, our hospital will continue to pay attention to the oral health of children in its jurisdiction , and actively carry out health promotion and education activities to further reduce the incidence of dental caries in children.