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    Participate in quality control circle training activities to continuously improve the quality of medical care
    Release time: 2019-10-24

    医疗质量的持续改进 6月17日下午,文登区卫健局品管圈培训班于 卫生大厦 4楼 会议室 如期召开。 In order to further enhance the understanding and understanding of the quality control circle, master and proficiency in the use of quality management tools, and promote the continuous improvement of medical quality , the afternoon of June 17, the Wendeng District Health and Health Bureau quality control circle training class was held in the conference room on the 4th floor of the health building Held as scheduled. 的目的、意义及质量管理工具的应用 进行了针对性地培训活动。 Targeted training activities were carried out from the purpose, significance and quality management tools of the quality control circle . This training invited Professor Chen Junkai, a medical expert from Shanghai Kangcheng Hospital Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and a gold lecturer from the Hospital Management College, to give a lecture on the spot. 院领导班子成员、科室主管、护士长及科室骨干参加了此次培训。 Members of our hospital's leadership team, department heads, head nurses and department backbones attended the training.

    Dean Yu Deqiang chaired the meeting. ,文登区卫健局副局长于进池致辞, 他对专家 的到来 表示欢迎和衷心的感谢, 强调了品管圈的在医院质量管理方面的重要性 并预祝培训会圆满成功 Before the training , Yu Jinchi, deputy director of Wendeng District Health Bureau, gave a welcome and heartfelt thanks to the experts , emphasized the importance of the quality control circle in hospital quality management , and wished the training session a great success. .

    教授 做了题为《 医院品管圈建立 》的精彩授课。 During the training, Professor Chen gave a wonderful lecture entitled " Establishment of Hospital Quality Control Circle ". It adopts interactive learning methods such as on-site teaching, on-site questioning, and on-site guidance, combined with examples, and uses vivid and easy-to-understand language to express vividly. The ten major steps of the quality control circle are explained in simple terms and explained from the inside. The entire training atmosphere was warm and active. Through each step of the expert's in-depth teaching and practical training, it effectively answered the doubts of the actual operation of the quality control circle of the trainees, so that the trainees grasped the key links of each step more clearly and Intuitive recognition.

    本次培训 妇幼保健院医务人员 系统学习 并掌握 了品管圈 十大步骤及质量管理工具的应用 ,充分认识到开展品管圈活动在医疗、护理质量管理中的作用、优势及实用性,对品管圈解决科室现存问题和科学化管理有了更为全面的认识。 Through this training , the medical staff of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital systematically learned and mastered the ten steps of the quality control circle and the application of quality management tools, and fully realized the role, advantages and practicability of quality control circle activities in medical and nursing quality management. , I have a more comprehensive understanding of the existing problems and scientific management of the quality control circle. 全体医护人员 参与质量管理的主动性和积极性,有力地激发了医护人员的工作潜能,增加了团队凝聚力,燃起了对品管圈活动的兴趣和信心,为进一步促进 医护人员 对质量管理工具的科学运用,不断提高科学化、精细化管理水平,提升服务质量,保障医疗安全夯实基础。 At the same time, it fully mobilized the initiative and enthusiasm of all medical staff to participate in quality management, effectively stimulated the working potential of medical staff, increased team cohesion, ignited interest and confidence in quality control circle activities, and further promoted the The scientific application of quality management tools has continuously improved the scientific and refined management level, improved service quality, and consolidated the foundation of medical safety.