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    Risk prevention and safety welcome Daqing
    Release time: 2019-09-30

    确保新中国成立 70 周年大庆期间社会环境的安全稳定, 院按照践行新使命,忠诚保大庆 的目标, 大庆前夕 的安全生产工作做了精心安排和周密部署 切实 维护我 大庆期间 的社会安定, 确保无任何生产安全事故发生 In order to ensure the safety and stability of the social environment during the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China , our hospital has carefully arranged and carefully planned the work of safe production on the eve of Daqing in accordance with the goal of " practicing a new mission and loyalty to protect Daqing " , and effectively maintain our district Social stability during Daqing ensured that there were no production safety accidents .

    落实 安全 生产责任 方面, 我院 制定 了《 防风险保安全迎大庆安全生产专项整治行动工作方案 》,成立了以院长为组长的 安全 生产 领导小组, 明确各成员的责任分工 In terms of implementing production safety responsibilities , our institute has formulated the “ Work Plan for Special Rectification Actions on Preventing Risks and Safeguarding Daqing Safety Production ”, setting up a production safety leading group headed by the dean , and clarifying the responsibilities of each member .防风险 保大庆 期间的值班制度,班子成员 24 小时 轮岗, 坚决杜绝 任何 空岗、脱岗现象 发生。 Strictly implement the duty system during the " prevention of risks and protect Daqing " , the members of the team rotate 24 hours , and resolutely put an end to any phenomenon of empty posts and out of work. 安全 生产 领导 小组 建立 健全 安全生产事故预警机制,制定 完善了事故应急预案,开展应急演练 ,严格规范 预案的 条件和设备 ,确保 一旦遇有安全生产、食物中毒、传染病疫情等重大问题和紧急事件,能够及时向上级主管部门报告, 保障 安全生产的万无一失。 In addition, the safety production leading group has established a sound early warning mechanism for work safety accidents, formulated and improved accident emergency plans, conducted emergency drills , and strictly standardized the conditions and equipment of each plan to ensure that if there is a major production safety, food poisoning, infectious disease epidemic, etc. Problems and emergencies can be reported to the competent authorities in time to guarantee the safety of production safety.

    防范遏制安全事故 方面, 我院 生产 领导小组 监督检查 频次 ,采取督查、检查、自查 形式,认真组织开展以查隐患、抓整改、重落实、保安全 为重点的安全生产大检查活动,加强对各类设备设施的检查和维修,消除事故隐患。 In terms of prevention and containment of safety accidents , the safety production leading group of our hospital has increased the frequency of supervision and inspection, and adopted forms of supervision, inspection, and self-inspection. The inspection activities of safety in production have strengthened the inspection and maintenance of various equipment and facilities to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents. 重点加强 防火防盗安全措施 的检查, 实验室及门诊的压力容器等设备设施 管理和检查 化学危险品、易燃易爆品 保管和储藏 检查, 车辆的 技术性能和安全状况 等方面的检查, 对排查出的事故隐患采取有效措施进行治理,维修 更换存在隐患的设施设备,改造生活水泵房管道,更换安全通道疏散 标识 消除 了所有事故隐患和安全生产工作盲点。 During this period, focus on strengthening the inspection of fire and anti-theft security measures , management and inspection of equipment and facilities such as pressure vessels in laboratories and clinics , storage and storage inspection of chemical dangerous goods, flammable and explosive materials , technical performance and safety status of vehicles Inspections in other aspects, take effective measures to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, repair or replace the facilities and equipment with hidden dangers, renovate the pipelines of domestic water pump rooms, and replace the evacuation signs of safe passages , eliminating all hidden dangers of accidents and blind spots in production safety. 9 19 日省安全生产工作督察组对我院提出的意见建议严格落实整改,牢固树立安全生产理念,认真落实好安全生产主体责任,切实提高安全管理水平,确保国庆期间安全稳定无事故。 At the same time, in response to the opinions of the Provincial Work Safety Supervision Team on our hospital on September 19 , we strictly implemented rectification and reform, firmly established the concept of work safety, carefully implemented the responsibility of the main body of work safety, and effectively improved the level of safety management to ensure safety and stability during the National Day. accident.

    营造 安全生产 氛围 方面, 我院 下大力气加强宣传报道力度, 通过 电子屏播出宣传标语 、微信公众号推送安全新闻 等形式 营造管行业必须管安全、管业务必须管安全、管生产经营必须管安全 浓厚氛围 In terms of creating a safe production atmosphere , our hospital has made great efforts to strengthen the publicity and reporting efforts, broadcast slogans through electronic screens , push WeChat public accounts to push safety news, etc. Management must manage safety . " 通过召开 动员大会、督导会议、 安全讲堂 等形式, 加强职工培训, 进一步统一思想、统一行动、统一标准 At the same time, through the convening of mobilization meetings, supervision meetings, safety lectures, etc., staff training has been strengthened to further unify thinking, action and standards .防风险保安全迎大庆 活动的落地生根 、开花结果 向新中 国成立 70 周年献礼。 We will earnestly promote the " rooting of risks and ensuring the safety of Daqing " event to take root , blossom and bear fruit , and present a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China .