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    Hi Yuan conceives a dream and is grateful to a good doctor
    Release time: 2019-10-24

    张院长,我媳妇怀孕了,我要当爸爸了,我 太高兴了, 谢谢 你,太谢谢你了。 ”日前,市民江先生特意带着怀孕的妻子来到我院不孕不育科,对张院长 和科室医护人员 表达他们夫妻二人的感激之情。 " President Zhang, my daughter-in-law is pregnant. I am going to be a father. I am so happy. Thank you, thank you so much. " A few days ago, Mr. Min Jiang took the pregnant wife to our infertility department. Expressing gratitude to Dean Zhang and the medical staff of the department .

    45岁,妻子41岁,俩人 结婚 近二十年感情一直很好 ,但 遗憾的是没能有个自己的孩子。 Mr. Jiang said that he is 45 years old and his wife is 41 years old. The two have been in a good relationship for nearly two decades after they got married , but unfortunately have not had a child of their own. 先后辗转 济南、烟台等 多家医院 检查 药也没少吃, 没啥效果。 They also went to Jinan, Yantai and other hospitals for examinations , and they did not take less medicine, but they had no effect. 3月份, 他们带着希望来到我院 不孕不育科。 In March this year, they came to our infertility department with hope .

    经过仔细 检查, 发现 江先生的妻子因炎症导致输卵管通而不畅,内分泌也严重失调。 After careful inspection, Dean Zhang found that Mr. Jiang's wife was unable to open the fallopian tubes due to inflammation, and her endocrine system was also severely imbalanced. According to the situation of the couple, Dean Zhang carefully formulated a treatment plan for them, and adopted Chinese medicine directed medicine physiotherapy, off-site thermal field electrotherapy, acupuncture and other methods to condition Mr. Jiang's wife. 2 月的身体调理之后 ,江先生夫妻 开始积极试孕,没想到仅一个周期的时间,就传来成功受孕的好消息 ,兴奋地江先生第一时间到医院报喜。 After more than two months of body conditioning , Mr. and Mrs. Jiang's husband and wife began to actively test pregnancy. Unexpectedly, only one cycle time, the good news of successful conception came . Mr. Jiang was excited to report to the hospital for the first time. 发育 良好。 "It turned out that if I still couldn't get pregnant, I was going to be an IVF baby. I just couldn't bear my daughter-in-law's crime. It's so good now, I can't describe my excitement." At present Mr Jiang's wife Established a file in our hospital, the fetus is developing well.

    医术医德的 肯定, 也是 医院不孕不育科 医疗水平、服务水平、人文关怀理念的肯定。 Mr. Jiang's thanks are not only affirmation of medical ethics , but also affirmation of the medical level, service level and humanistic care concept of the hospital's infertility department . 2011年, 是医院重点发展学科。 The infertility department of our hospital was established in 2011 and is a key development discipline of the hospital. 拥有一支技术精湛、医德高尚、治学严谨的医师队伍,对每一对前来就诊的夫妇,都会依据他们的具体情况制定 “个性化”的治疗方案。 The department has a team of skilled doctors with high medical ethics and rigorous academics. For each couple who comes to the clinic, they will develop a "personalized" treatment plan according to their specific conditions . In recent years, the Department of Infertility has also introduced a traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy treatment instrument for treating infertility caused by subacute and chronic inflammation by using the characteristics of small side effects, good absorption and significant curative effect of Chinese medicine, and has achieved good results. 9月份,已经有100多对夫妇先后成功受孕。 As of September this year, more than 100 couples have successfully conceived. 不孕不育科还 继续 努力, 帮助更多的不孕家庭圆一个生子梦。 In the future, the Department of Infertility will continue to work hard to help more infertile families realize their dream of having children.