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October 2019 Events
Release time: 2019-11-18

1 October 1

70 周年国庆阅兵实况,共同为祖国喝彩。 All party members watched the 70th anniversary of the National Day military parade and applauded the motherland together.

7 October 7

Our hospital held a forum for newly recruited employees to enhance their recognition of hospital culture, further clarify their professional positioning as a medical practitioner, and lay a good foundation for quickly adapting to work positions.

12 October 12

不忘初心,牢记使命 主题教育专题讲座。 Mr. Xie Yingzhen, Secretary of the First Party Branch and Secretary of the Second Party Branch, Wu Shuhua, Wendeng District Women's and Children's Hospital of Weihai City attended the theme education lecture of “Do n't forget the original heart, keep the mission in mind in Wendeng District, Weihai City .

12 October 12

2019 年威海市儿科新进展学术讲座,吸引了近百名来自全区各级医疗机构从事儿科临床及儿保工作的医务人员参加。 Our hospital held the 2019 Weihai City Pediatrics New Progress Academic Lecture in the conference room on the eighth floor , which attracted nearly a hundred medical staff from the medical institutions at all levels in the district who were engaged in pediatric clinical and childcare work.

13 October 13

2019 年度第二次省级新生儿死亡评审会议。 Vice President Lu Jing went to Jinan to participate in the second provincial newborn death review conference in 2019 .

14 October 14

The obstetric ward of our hospital was moved to a new ward on the second floor of the annex. The original obstetric ward will be closed and renovated.

17 October 17

鞠英华主任 江苏省昆山市参加 2019 改善医疗服务行动全国医院擂台赛总决赛,我院 NICU“ 提升危重新生儿能力、体现人文关爱 主题汇报案例荣获 最具人气案例 Director Ju Peihua of Pediatrics went to Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province to participate in the 2019 National Medical Competition Finals to Improve Medical Services Action. Our hospital ’s NICU theme report Improving the ability of critically ill newborns and embodying humane care won the Most Popular Case award .

18 October 18

0-6 岁儿童眼保健和视力检查工作培训班。 Director of Child Care, Sun Jilian, Shan Hui, and Yu Jiaying attended the children's rehabilitation and eye health and vision inspection training courses for children aged 0-6 in Weihai .

19 October 19

于金豆、胡宏伟医师、谢小群护师于威海市中心医院参加威海市重症医学质量管理培训会议 Pediatrics Yu Jindou, Dr. Hu Hongwei, and Nurse Xie Xiaoqun attended the Weihai Quality Management Training Conference in Weihai Central Hospital .

23 October 23

2019 年健康管理(体检)专项质量检查工作。 The inspection team from Weihai Health Management (Medical Examination) Quality Control Center came to the hospital to carry out the special quality inspection for health management (Medical examination) in 2019 .

23 October 23

孙永杰 参加为期 3 天的 广东省珠海市参加全国儿科年会 Sun Yongjie, the director of the neonatal department, participated in the three- day Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province to participate in the National Pediatrics Annual Meeting .

24 October 24

Director of Pediatrics Sun Jilian, Song Liping, and Weihai attended a working conference on birth certificate management.

24 October 24

Our hospital organized some medical staff to watch "Ask Political Shandong".

25 October 25

“重温入党誓词、重忆入党经历、重问入党初心”主题党日活动。 The Party branch of our institute launched the theme Party Day activity of "Revisiting the Oath of Joining the Party, Recalling the Experience of Joining the Party, and Re-Questing the Beginning of Joining the Party."

26 October 26

产房曲波 荣成参加促进自然分娩临床热点研讨会 讲座。 The obstetric ward Liu Chunping and the delivery room Qu Bo Zhirong Rongcheng attended the " Clinical Hot Symposium on Promoting Natural Labor " seminar.

28 October 28

Vice President Zhang Tianhua received a pennant from infertility patients.