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Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes are sweet and sweet!
Release time: 2018-09-27

The 15th day of the lunar calendar is the Mid-Autumn Festival. “貌似嫦娥,面如皓月”。 In ancient times, Chinese girls had the custom of worshiping the moon and wished to "look like Chang'e and face like Haoyue". Today's society is more inclined to express thoughts and reunions. In order to let the children feel a strong festive atmosphere, understand the profound connotation of Chinese culture, and promote hands-on ability, the teachers of the Comprehensive Early Childhood Development Center have specially presented a colorful social course for children to make moon cakes by themselves. More than a dozen families at the scene followed the teacher to learn how to make moon cakes.

芊芊小手通过揉、捏、团、压等动作,感知月饼制作的流程,了解食之不易;让各种素材通过手、眼、口、鼻,产生软、硬、香甜等感知,丰富了感观的同时,满足了身心的愉悦 ;家长们陪伴孩子一起动手,在制作月饼的同时,增加了亲子时间,增进了亲子感情 Children's small hands perceive the process of making moon cakes through kneading, pinching, massing, pressing and other actions, and understand the difficulty of eating; let various materials pass through hands, eyes, mouth, and nose to produce soft, hard, sweet and other perceptions, enrich At the same time, the feelings of body and mind are satisfied . Parents accompany their children to work together. While making moon cakes, it increases parent-child time and improves parent-child relationship .