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Micro-bonsai production, add color to life
Release time: 2019-04-30

“指尖上的秘密花园”微盆景制作活动,让宝宝们好好体验了一把自己制作迷你森林的乐趣。 A few days ago, in order to train the babies to use their brains, the teachers at our early education center specially invited the babies and parents to jointly launch a micro-bonsai production activity on the theme of “Secret Garden on Fingertips”, so that the babies can have a good experience. Have fun making your own mini forest.

Moss, plants, colored gravel, plus various cute animals, cartoon characters are our materials for making micro-bonsai. Under the guidance of the bonsai teacher, the babies were serious about helping parents choose the materials for making micro-bonsai. ,花香四溢,充满着温馨、浪漫的氛围。 The scene of the event was full of flowers, full of warm and romantic atmosphere. Soon, in the discussions and exchanges, various new and interesting little gardens are ready. Everyone judged and appreciated each other, took photos to commemorate, and laughter came and went.

宝宝们不仅 体验 到了 手工 做微盆景的艺术,使鲜花为生活增添了色彩, 也提升了他们绿色低碳环保的意识。 Through this activity, the babies not only experienced the art of making micro-bonsai by hand , adding flowers to life, but also raising their awareness of green, low-carbon and environmental protection. In the future, our early education center will provide more and more colorful activities for babies and parents. Welcome everyone to sign up for it!