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Teachers' Warm Heart, Parents Give Pennants Thanksgiving
Release time: 2019-07-31

With the arrival of July, Wendeng District Maternity and Early Childhood Education Center has ushered in the graduation season, and another batch of early education babies is about to graduate! 收获了 一面 来自 家长赠送的锦旗 Recently, the early education center has received a pennant from parents .

说起孩子, 滔滔不绝 The parent who sent the pennant was a kindergarten principal . She talked a lot about her children . 尤其是园前培训课程,想家长所想, 家长所需,让孩子拥有入园 必备 技能, 身为 家长 的她 一点儿都不担心孩子的入园生活了 ,对于老师们这几年的付出,她看在眼里,记在心里,感动于老师们对孩子的爱护照顾,感恩于老师们的无私教导和耐心指引,于是赶在孩子毕业前送来锦旗,聊表心意 She said that after attending early education, the child ’s self-care ability and expression ability have been unprecedentedly improved , especially the pre-school training courses. Think about what parents think, and help parents need the children to have the necessary skills to enter the park . As a parent , she The children are not worried about the children's life in the garden . For the teachers 'efforts in the past few years, she has seen and remembered her, and was moved by the teachers' care and care for the children, and thanked the teachers for their selfless teaching and patient guidance So, before the child graduated, he sent a pennant to chat .

The daily progress of the child, the sincere words of the parents, and a bright pennant are the greatest recognition and encouragement to the teachers of the early education center. Recognize and encourage, take care and accompany, watch the children grow up confidently, and the teacher can appreciate the meaning of happiness. 浇灌 ,用心付出,用微笑迎接着每一个 天才 的到来,我们定不负期望,继续努力! In the course of future teaching work, we will continue to move forward with this trust, pour out with love , give heart, and welcome every genius with a smile . We will live up to expectations and continue to work hard!