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The Committee for Medical Promotion and the "Expert Consultation Center" of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine settled in our hospital
Release time: 2017-07-20

举行揭牌仪式。 On April 12, the Medical Science Promotion Working Committee of China Life Care Association and the "Expert Consultation Center" of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held an unveiling ceremony in our hospital . 国家卫计委卫生计生监督中心巡视员、医促委顾问张汉湘 和威海市卫计委副主任徐伟出席并致辞。 The event was hosted by Xu Lin, director of the Health and Family Planning Bureau of Wendeng District. Zhang Hanxiang, inspector of the Health and Family Planning Supervision Center of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and consultant of the Medical Promotion Committee and Xu Wei, deputy director of the Weihai City Health and Family Planning Commission, attended and addressed the event . “专家会诊中心”揭牌,国务院发展研究中心课题组调研员、医促委副秘书长王延锐、北京中医药大学东方医院主任张金华与我区妇幼保健院负责人签署合作协议。 The director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Wang Shuqiang, the Secretary-General of the Medical Promotion Committee, and Meng Yanling, the deputy head of our district, unveiled the "Expert Consultation Center." Zhang Jinhua, director of the Oriental Hospital, signed a cooperation agreement with the head of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of our district. After the meeting, the leaders visited the family maternity room, child health department, and early childhood comprehensive development center of our hospital, and spoke highly of our hospital's work in the field of maternal and child health .

北京中医药大学东方医院以近百种中医特色治疗方法为主,辅之以现代化诊疗手段,在治疗各种常见病、疑难病等方面,均有丰富的经验和独特的疗效。 As the prestigious third-class Chinese hospital in Beijing, Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on nearly a hundred traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, supplemented by modern diagnosis and treatment methods, and is rich in treating various common and difficult diseases. Experience and unique effects. 与我院 合作和专家会诊中心的设立,将建立起医疗保健、康复等专业领域名医与广大患者之间的服务平台,把国家优质的医疗资源引导到我院,使首都优势的医疗资源更好地服务文登群众,为众多疑难病患者提供方便快捷、优质高效的医疗服务,让广大市民少花钱、少跑腿,在家门口就能享受国医大师的诊疗服务。 The cooperation with our hospital and the establishment of expert consultation centers will establish a service platform between well-known doctors in the professional fields of medical care and rehabilitation and the majority of patients, guide the country's high-quality medical resources to our hospital, and make the capital's advantageous medical resources. To better serve the people of Wendeng, provide convenient, fast, high-quality and efficient medical services for many patients with difficult diseases, so that the general public can spend less money and errands, and can enjoy the medical services of the master of Chinese medicine at their doorstep.

国家级名老中医 北京中医药大学教授 刘景源, 北京协和医院教授、主任医师 王庆侠和 北京中医药研究院研究员 国家级名老中医学术继承人 张传知三位中医专家在我院中医科为市民号脉问诊 On the morning of the same day, three famous traditional Chinese medicine experts, Liu Qingyuan, a professor at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Liu Qingyuan, professor and chief physician of Peking Union Medical College, and a researcher at Beijing Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zhang Hezhi , the heirs of the old Chinese medicine , were three experts in Chinese medicine at our hospital. Citizen's pulse enquiry . 很快 便被 挂完 It was learned that a master of Chinese medicine had come to the clinic, and many citizens came to the line early, and the expert account was soon hung up . The experts' superb medical skills, noble medical ethics, and rigorous attitudes have won widespread praise from citizens. 每周一次来我院坐诊,让咱们文登老百姓足不出户就能享受到 京城名医的 诊疗服务。 In the future, experts will visit our hospital once a week, so that our people in Wendeng can enjoy the diagnosis and treatment services of Beijing famous doctors without leaving home .